LiveGathering™ takes the genre of entertainment to a new level. It is state of the art technology that involves the creation of virtual venues powered with voice, video, text and whiteboard feature. LiveGathering offers artists, musicians and writers the ability to showcase their work in an intimate
and interactive setting. With the click of a link on a website or in an email, the arts and entertainment experience begins as the audience member is dropped into a live HD audio and video performance setting. Each event has the ability to be unique and compelling: from unplugged acoustical sets, to street interviews, to Q&A interviews and new releases streamed live to thousands of fans around the world. The LiveGathering venue also includes polling capability for immediate listener feedback as well as an archiving option to record each session or event.

The platform is in use and is being used to launch new bands, launch new albums and to sell artist by connecting the gallery with the buyer and the artist. Contact us with your event idea and see how LiveGathering makes interactive experiences most memorable.