Q: What equipment is needed to participate?

  1. A: Laptop (Windows or Mac), desktop, Smartphone, or any device with a web browser (e.g. Explorer, Firefox, or     Safari) and the latest version of Flash player.

  2. Internet connectivity (you can access the platform with a high speed cable internet connection, DSL connection, 3G connection, or 4G mobile connection.

  3. A webcam (either built-in or connected to your device).

Q: How do I join the meeting?

  1. A: Open email invitation and click the link to join the meeting.

  2. Type in Your name.

  3. Select "Next".

  4. When prompted by the Flash player, click "allow" (this will enable you to participate with streaming video and audio).

  5. Enter the Meeting Room.

Q: What type of internet connection do I need to access the videoconferencing platform?

  1. A: The optimal connection is a standard cable high speed internet connection with 15 mbps (this speed is offered by most carriers of cable internet such as Verizon Fios® or Optimum Online®). However, you can also access the platform from a DSL connection (with a T1 internet speed), 4G mobile connection, or 3G mobile connection. We recommend that you have a cable high speed internet connection at the site of the lead presenter/speaker. This will ensure a high quality transmission of the video stream and VoIP for the lead presenter.

Q: Can I password protect a videoconference meeting?

  1. A: Yes, you can create a password as part of the Login to the platform. The password will protect your meeting from someone logging in who does not have the password and login instructions.

Q: Can I display a PowerPoint® presentation using the conferencing platform?

  1. A: Yes, By utilizing the desktop sharing tool, you can display a PowerPoint® presentation. Further, you can continue to show some or all of the video streams overlaid on the PowerPoint presentation (in the background). This enables you to display the primary speaker's video stream (in the top right corner of the screen), while they describe each of the PowerPoint slides. You can also use the desktop sharing tool to display images, graphs/spreadsheets, PDF files, videos, and more.

Q: Can I show a video using the conferencing platform?

  1. A: Yes, The video sharing tool enables you to share website hosted videos.

Q:Can I access the platform from a Smartphone or iPad ?

  1. A: Yes, you can access the platform from a Smartphone, iPad, or any other device with a web browser and internet connectivity.

Q: How many people can participate with streaming video?

  1. A: The platform allows for up to 16 video streams on a single screen. Further, the platform allows for up to 250+ viewer seats (ie. a seat without video participation).