offers iFocus Room™ as a research tool for moderators and respondents to see, hear, and react in real time. Market research facilities and focus group researchers will enhance, increase and accelerate data collection while reducing cost with this leading edge video collaboration and research platform.

The iFocus Room™ platform has 16 live Video/audio streams "seats" in our browser based internet conference "room", plus behind the glass observation can be provided for one or many separate sessions and an unlimited number of viewers from any locations. Researchers utilize iFocus Room's robust suite of interactive features including audience response polling, continuous Pulse polling, whiteboard, video player, public and private chat, and desktop sharing.

Presentations can be broadcast from any place in the world with internet access and included in the room. Likewise focus group participants can be recruited and login to iFocus Room from their home or anywhere in the world with internet access.

iFocus Room has a variety of applications including online focus groups, jury research programs, corporate advisory board meetings, strategic thinking sessions, and employee training. Contact us today for a demonstration or to request a quote.