The LiveGathering (LG) full service meeting includes a Videoconference with up to 16 video streams and as many as 250 viewer seats with the full suite of Tools. Further, our trained staff will handle all aspects of supporting the meeting, including sending invitations via email, displaying any presentation files, moderating microphone levels, and moderating all other settings/tools of the Live Gathering system. Further, we offer optional meeting recording and playback.

LiveGathering also offers optional production services to create a glossy professional interactive meeting/program that meets the strategic objectives of your company. The services offered include script writing, live staging, set design and build with full graphics, PowerPoint slide production, animation design and production, and video crews worldwide.

Further, LG can also connect all modes of transmission including satellite, most videoconferencing systems and hardware, and participants connected via the Web. Therefore, the LiveGathering web-based platform can connect with transmissions from Satellite and/or the typical Videoconferencing system found in a corporate meeting room. Contact us today for a detailed proposal for your next meeting/event.