LiveGathering is a user-friendly browser based videoconferencing platform for use by any company or group of people who want to gather for a training meeting.

On the platform the trainers can conduct multiple role-playing exercises (12 simultaneous groups).

The internet video platform is extremely stable and has a full suite of functions that provide sharing of slide material, video player, whiteboard sharing, polling, Q&A, public and private discussion, and PushOne Smartphone audience polling.

The platform operates with multiple camera switching, screen configuration switching, and easy hand-off of all functions to meeting members. The meeting participants can participate from any web-browser device (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone).

On the video platform one can have up to sixteen (16) video streams simultaneously and up to 250 viewer participants who are not connected by video. The platform is supported by superior customer service.

Live interactive video conferencing from iPads, Tablets, and all browser-based devices extends the training room beyond the four walls and into the virtual mobile arena.