The elements that make up a quote for the use of LiveGathering (LG) vary from a simple face to face meeting with no use of utilities to a Live program with the full suite of tools, HD transmission, production services (camera package, lighting, director, crew, script writing, set design, etc.), and with several locations across the country or internationally.

Some elements to consider for a program include: time in room, number of seats (participants), standard video or HD, production services, and number of repeat events (ie. program series).

Subscriptions are based on the number of hours per month, number of seats, and number of meetings/events per month.
Contact us today for a quote for a single event or monthly subscription.


Some companies want their participants(employees or customers) to join the meetings directly from their own website. LiveGathering. com has a service which embeds the room on the user site. The fee for embedding is quoted and based on the complexity of the site. The embedding fee usually ranges from $1500-$2500, and it takes approximately 10 days to accomplish the process. Ask us today about having the LiveGathering platform on your company's site.