now offers our web-conferencing platform incorporated into a large scale video wall (from 4 – 16 screens in size). We are now able to take the LiveGathering web-conferencing platform and send the stream from laptops/desktops, Ipads and videoconferencing rooms and feed these images from anywhere in the world to each individual screen. Once this connection is made, then the video wall can move these images within the complete wall across any number of monitors.

Engage your Audience :
Our live interactive video wall also allows the audience to ask questions and have discussions with the presenter(s) dynamically with streaming video and audio. While the audience sees the presentation on the video wall, the presenter(s), from their individual locations, can see and hear the audience.

Applications and uses :
The live interactive wall can be used in a variety of applications and settings including Key Note Meetings, Corporate Level Meetings, Product Launch Events, Convention Booths, and Shopping Malls, to name a few. For a Key Note Meeting or a Product Launch Meeting, the interactive video wall allows you to create a high tech video display presentation while your key presenters can be located anywhere in the world.

In a convention booth or shopping mall, you can utilize LiveGathering in a "Meet the Expert" program, where your audience can ask questions about your company's products or services.

Summary :
Your key presenters can be located anywhere in the world – the key presenters login to the web-conference from their individual locations, and the video streams from these individual locations are transmitted via the web to the screens on an interactive video wall (4 – 16 screen wall). In addition the presenters, logged into the web-conference and can see and hear each other and see the audience to who they are presenting. Additionally, the presenters can share their desktop to display PowerPoint® presentations, images, documents, and video clips.

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