Interactive web based Video-Conferencing.

LiveGathering is a web-browser based Video conferencing platform where up to 16 participants can interact with live streaming video and audio (via VoIP). The LiveGathering platform offers streaming Video that is clear and stable (high quality video transmission). Further, the platform has a full suite of tools, including screen sharing, public and private text chat, and whiteboard feature. Live Gathering, with its ease of use, clear video transmission, and dynamic set of tools, provides for an exceptional user experience.

The LiveGathering platform can be accessed by any mobile device with a web browser, including the iPhone, iPad, and Laptop – PC or Mac. Since people are often on the go, this feature makes it possible for them to still be able to access the meeting.

  • 16 simultaneous video streams on a single screen. Audio either by VOIP (voice over internet protocol) or telephone conference call.
  • Screen application sharing – share PowerPoint® presentations, images, documents, and video clips.
  • Video player
  • Public and private text chat.
  • Recording – Recording has many uses including recording a program(s) to be aired on your website or recording a meeting to review post-meeting.
  • Invitations to join a meeting can be sent by email with a link to join the meeting.
  • Mobile device participation from: iPad, Smartphone, Laptop, or Tablet.
  • Optional embedding/hosting on your company's website. Also, we offer optional Private Branding, which enables you to use the platform with your company's name in the URL and design your own backgrounds.