offers our clients the ability to broadcast multiple live streams on 1 dedicated website. Our service is ideal for broadcasting multiple rooms of a conference/convention out to remote viewers, who can login from their iPad, Laptop - PC or Mac, or Desktop. Viewers login to, and then they can select from a menu of channels which stream to view (in the case of a conference, which room/presentation to view). We can also brand the landing page with your company logo, the name and date of the conference, or other information you would like to appear. Moreover, can accommodate an almost unlimited number of viewers seats, so it can be used for even large conferences/conventions with potentially 1,000+ remote viewers.


1. Branded landing page

2. Unlimited number of viewer seats with pricing based on the number of seats (10 seat, 25, 50, 100, 300, 500 seat, and higher).

3. Unlimited number of channels of streaming video and audio

4. Password protected with the ability to customize access to the channels for individuals/groups.

5. Recording and archiving

6. Optional online polling, surveying, and Q&A sessions

Applications or Uses can be used for a variety of applications including:

1. Association meetings with multiple breakout rooms: You can broadcast your association meeting to remote viewers with a branded landing page, multiple channels of streams, and optional online polling.

2. Educational lectures

3. Continuing Medical Education (CME)

4. Symposia

5. Jury research with presentation sessions and multiple deliberation sessions.

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