rents rooms on the platform space that provide interactive meetings -simple face-to-face live meetings with no screen sharing tools.

In deciding to rent office space for a program, one must consider who is presenting from the Origination room and what the image looks like as this room is the focus of the meeting/program. While the other participating rooms can be seen, the Origination room is the focus of the meeting/program.

An interactive office space room has a video and audio stream returned to the Origination room and 16 rooms can be seen simultaneously on the screen. Rooms that are interactive beyond the 16 streams can be brought into the live meeting in exchange for one of the other rooms.

The Broadcast rooms can only view and hear the meeting like a traditional web-cast and ask questions by Email or web based Q&A with PushOne (extra fee applies)

Office space usually does not have more than 40 interactive rooms and no more that 200 broadcast rooms. Basic platform space is tech supported. Price quotes available upon request.